01. My car may be [ugly], but it runs pretty well.
02. So much of modern art these days seems to be negative and [ugly] to me.
03. He's such an [ugly] guy that no girl in our school wants to go out with him.
04. Don made a girl cry at the party when he told her she was the [ugliest] girl in class.
05. Working as a prostitute is an [ugly], dangerous business.
06. I think we should get rid of these [ugly] curtains and put up some blinds instead.
07. She was wearing a ridiculous looking hat and an [ugly] pink dress.
08. Robert accidentally left his butter sculpture in the sun, and it became an [ugly], shapeless mess.
09. Josée got her nose fixed, but I think it looks even [uglier] now because it doesn't look natural.
10. Serge Gainsbourg once stated that [ugliness] is in a way superior to beauty because it lasts.
11. The political campaign got [ugly] when the Opposition leader started making attacks on the Prime Minister's character.
12. The demonstration outside the embassy got [ugly] when people started throwing rocks and breaking windows.
13. He had an [ugly] scar on his face as a result of the accident.
14. Maurice is afraid the girls will all think that he's [ugly] now that he has to wear glasses.
15. The graffiti sprayed on all the walls and poles around here really makes this area look [ugly].
16. Violence among fans represents the [ugly] side of professional football.
17. I don't understand how an [ugly] painting like this can be worth half a million dollars.
18. She always felt [ugly] because of her big nose, but we thought it gave her face character.
19. That's the [ugliest] dog I've ever seen. It actually looks more like a pig than a dog.
20. Jean Cocteau once said that art produces [ugly] things which frequently become beautiful with time, whereas fashion produces beautiful things which always become [ugly] with time.
21. Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated that without a rich heart, wealth is an [ugly] beggar.
22. An Armenian proverb suggests that wealth can give legs to the cripple, beauty to the [ugly], and sympathy to tears.
23. A Chinese proverb notes that poverty and [ugliness] are difficult to hide.
24. A French proverb remarks that there are no beautiful prisons or [ugly] loved ones.
25. A Dutch proverb suggests that nobody's sweetheart is [ugly].
26. A Nigerian proverb remarks that if there is character, [ugliness] becomes beauty; if there is none, beauty becomes [ugliness].
27. A Yiddish proverb holds that the [ugliest] life is better than the nicest death.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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